Talk at Skills Matter: 10 Lessons From 10 Years of Selling Dev Work

What I wish I knew when I started...

Posted by Matthew Hall on August 24, 2018

Ten years ago, I swapped my nice, stable web developer job for the challenge of starting my own online business creating websites and web software – without any formal sales, marketing or business training. Just a passion for building a business around using technology to help others do great things.

Fast forward a decade, and I’ve gone from selling simple websites to local micro-businesses to building more meaningful web solutions on long-term, retainer-based relationships with sophisticated, high-value clients.

Along the way, I certainly made my fair share of mistakes – but, I've been lucky enough to work around these and now apply the lessons learnt to all of our agency engagements with clients, baking it into the advice and projects we deliver.

An opportunity came up back in June to do a talk at the London Django Developers Meetup, so I took the chance to distill some key lessons into a talk and some slides based on what I've learnt.