Netflix remove Stargate SG-1 from their streaming catalogue in the UK

Fans left with gaping void in life

Posted by Matthew Hall on February 20, 2016

If you're a fan of SG-1, you'll be disappointed to learn that Netflix UK removed all 10 seasons of the hugely popular Stargate SG-1 series on 1st February 2016.

Presumably Netflix aren't seeing enough interest in the award-winning sci-fi series and cash-strapped MGM haven't offered a competitive enough contract to make it add up for the streaming giant.

Being a big fan of the show myself, the day the show was pulled I was straight on eBay to find a DVD box set so I can keep my SG-1 habit well nursed. Interestingly Fox Direct (who appear to only sell via eBay) have popped up shop at the auction site, retailing the complete box set along with two films (Ark of Truth and Continuum) for £70 including delivery. It would appear that Fox Direct is in partnership with MGM, so one would wonder whether MGM have decided to try their luck selling the box set to SG-1 fans left with an empty void in their life, rather than haggle with Netflix over contract renewal.

Bizarrely, the physical DVD box set represents a huge saving compared to purchasing digital copies of all 10 seasons, with each season coming in at a whopping £15-20 at most reputable sites.

It does make me wonder why these streaming sites do not offer entire box sets at a reduced rate.